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Super hot battle at Old Trafford will be presented, classic duel between Manchester United against Liverpool this weekend. With spicy rivalry, revenge, and problems of racism that happened last time to make Old Trafford did not stop ringing.

After the first meeting at Anfield in October, MU now hosts Liverpool on Saturday night (11/02/2012).

fierce duel between the clubs best and most successful club in English football will be risking the prestige is always interesting to watch, especially after the successful acquisition of Manchester United overtake Liverpool Premier League with 19 successful season last season.

Revenge may be an extra motivation for Wayne Rooney et al. As is well known in his last three games against the team of Kenny Dalglish, “Red Devils” does not always have the victory with two defeats and one draw.

Even in his last meeting of the Manchester United were forced to swallow the shame. The rivalry between the two increasingly sharp following a case of racism Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez. Suarez eventually found guilty and suspended eight games so far, but still refuses to apologize., The trust received three points for each team.

After a draw at Chelsea headquarters last week, the Manchester United either complete classification points to take the throne as well as providing great stress at Manchester City will play again one day later.

On the other hand, for Liverpool to victory in a superior position in a success with a 4-1 win over the home of Manchester United, which so far can not be resumed again.

while the best placements Premier League the Citizens will visit Villa Park in Aston Villa host for days, then victory will be obtained away from the pursuit of Manchester United.

Later in the game, two teams facing each other blue. Chelsea will travel to Goodison Park for the residents of the 11 series, Everton fight. Meanwhile, on Sunday, the inhabitants of the third grade visited Newcastle United Tottenham Hotspur team of black horses. Although the double of a tie for the army in the last two meetings Sounds, but the Spurs won two successful meetings with the other team at White Hart Lane.